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Picture tells thousand words. Bumped to the old pictures and made me feel like writing.. ^^

I was a naive-teens struggled to pursue my higher study after completing senior high school. I was badly hopping to get into university in Australia. There were days when my friends mostly managed to decide their choices going to Germany, US, Singapore, Malaysia, etc, while I still went from one to the other education exhibitions in town, collecting the pamphlets and calculating the tuition as well as living costs.
It reminds me of the tough time since I got no support from parents of going to Australia. They wanted me to stay in hometown with couple of reasons, particularly in financial issue.
However, I finally managed to convince my strict daddy to go at least to Jakarta. ^^
My cousins were there, and they helped me in the sense of convincing my daddy for the tragic riot case as well as the overview of the expenses. Thanks to them! On the other side, my daddy always wants us to propose and manage our finance. So, even he’s convinced, he still need me to make kind of proposal, finding out the cost that he needs to cover for the bachelor degree. Yes, different families have different way of teaching the kids. As I went to a private school with pretty many well-off families background students, most of my friends had no burden to even think of the money. Some of them were even got decided from parents where to pursue their studies. Frankly I felt how easy and lucky their lives were, they didn’t even need not to think about the cost. But at the time passed by, I’m truly thankful for the process that I went through until what I am now. At the end of the day, my daddy approved my proposal. He sold the car and I got funded for half of the total cost of university in advance. It’s very nostalgic moment, I even kissed the car before it was given to the buyer since the car had given so many memories for my family.

As the only daughter and the first time to be away from parents, my daddy went to Jakarta accompanying me to make sure everything’s settled. We went on ship, operated by P.T. Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Pelni) which took us 3 days 2 nights to reach Jakarta. There’re lot of things I learned during the journey. I made new friends and knowing the fact that we would go to the same university. What an unforgettable experience.



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I’ve been neglecting my blog for so longgg.. >.<
“There will be ups and downs, but it is important to remember you’re on your own beautiful journey, and once you’re on it you have to see it through to it’s own conclusion. And try to never be afraid to do anything because what’s the worse that can happen?” (Jonathan R Meyers)

So many things happened, ups and downs but had no archive in the digital diary.. too bad!

Yosh, am trying to refresh my memory and notes on what I’ve gone thru in recent months. If only in the future I just hop back to my archives, reading my posts, I believe those days turn out to be so priceless.. the milestones as a part of Willy’s momental life in Japan..
Let’s begin!


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Planned to wake up @3AM, but finally woke up @4.00, LOL, continued the remaining report with the power as 1-watt-bulp-power eye, so for sure not succeded to stay awake until the sunrise as i could only stay awake up to 1,5 hours, and then back to slept with beautiful dream in which the weather made it even more perfect. 🙂 I love the fall, as it’s not that chilly like in the winter, guess what yesterday I fell from my bed, had no idea how it could happen.

Today leaving early to attend the weekly meeting with bread and onigiri for breakfast in densha.
(fortunately Japan allows eating and drinking in densha, otherwise, i’ll suffer starving.. :P)
As this week is also the trial class week for the enrollment lectures, I tried to enter some of the candidates list, will decide by Monday what lectures i’m going to pick up.
Then I went to get the transcript in the adm office, I was so happy jumping to see the result. Got all A’s. yippiieeee.. I should work hard for this semester as well.

The other things, since yesterday I read the news that IDR weak against Yen and USD. (1 Yen is about 97 Rp and 1 USD is about 9,700 Rp). Hooray, so the amount of money mom receive will be more.
I think it’s nice as well to travel to Indonesia bringing the Yen. 😛 but still got no chance..

Ah, almost 6PM, will come home as soon as possible after the weekly lab meeting finish, wanna make today even more lovely with healthy life style… wotzzzz? I miss going to the gym, it’s almost 2 weeks not working out… Cya, hope you guys enjoy the evening as well. Ciao!

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I treat this posting as the sequel from Scholarship to Japan

It’s been a long time after that “useful” posting. Is it useful?? ha ha, no idea though. 😛
But hope at least for the ones who pursue to study and look for scholarship in Japan, can get some useful points in my beginner-level-writing-skill.

It was when I analysed my blog stats, one of the top posts is about the scholarship to Japan, so it popped up my mind to share my life study experience after arrival in Japan.
Disclaimer, as it’s personal view, you’re considered to be wise enough to pick up the points that are good for your own sake. 🙂

Here we go..
1) Complete your admistrative registration at the municipal hall : shiyakusho(市役所) / kuyakusho(区役所)
It’s quite tough and challenge to deal with Japanese considering the barrier language problem for the touroku shoumeisho(登録証明書)-
alien registration card(ID card), applying for the kokumin hoken(国民保険)-national insurance.
Last time, I did it by myself, accompanied by neither the experience ones nor the Japanese.
Tips : better to ask assistance from Japanese or the seniors who have got the experience.

2) Becomes a research student
Usually the foreigners have to go through their 1/2 year or 1 year period of time to experience as kenkyuusei(研究生)-research student before the master/doctor degree starts.
What’s that for?
As Foreign students need to adapt theirselves to the education system, this status can be helpful(more or less in my point of view, considered as the 4th year undergraduate student for Japanese) Not only the language barrier, educational system can be a shock culture as well.
While you hold research student status, what you have to do?
a) Learn Japanese
Eventhough you need no Japanese for your study, but better treasure your time to study Japanese while you’ve the chance staying in the native country. Don’t you think so?
You’ll feel it useful to make your daily life easier, at the minimum point.
Tips : try to apply the japanese course in the university, most of the universities provide free japanese course for the foreigner students. You can also find a volunteer organization in your city or ward area, in Japan, we called it shi(市)or ku(区).
If you apply to the Japanese school, you should reconsider of the high tuition fee. It can cost approximately about 80,000 yen/month. (thrice in a week for about 2 hours/day)

b) Usually it’s the time to prepare for the entrance test.
Some departments provide the option to take either an English or Japanese written test.
Tips :
– You’d better confirm to the professor or the admistrative officer for the method of the test
– Find some past entrance test cases as it may help to give an overview of the problemsets.
– Take some lectures that are probably required or supported you for the entrance test preparation
– Analyze the statistic of the past years applicants (how many applicants applied, how many applicants passed the tests, and so on)
– If you find it hard for you to pass the test, you may try starting to find the reserved departments for another enrollment. But please notice about the entrance date time, if it’s closed enough, it can be tiring to prepare two or more tests. So I suggest it’s better to concern on your preference and put all of the efforts on it.

3) Post entrance test
It’s the time to conduct and focus more about your research, taking lessons for fulfilling the master/doctor degree. In my case, to accomplish master degree, 30 credits are required.
As for the doctoral degree, it’s not a must, the number of internationally published publications are the indication of acquiring the degree.

Another milestone from kenkyuusei(研究生)-research student to daigakuinsei(大学院生)-master student, you need to find what lectures you wish to take. I enroll for the classes by observing through the curriculum book, and also can be accessed to the registration web-based.
Tips : Try to observe the objective of the study, what language it’s conducted, who’s the professor, the grading system.
I find it hard when it comes to Japanese lecture, so few tips I have as followings :
– Make the balance of kinda logical lectures and literature lectures.
Logical lesson can be like the mathematical terms or programming that need not much Japanese.
– Attend the class and then ask the lecturers if reports/presentations in English are possible.
– Try to find lectures conducted in English or the lectures who are foreigners (at least their Japanese are still quite understandable and can be well-digested). 😛

And as for the research, better to find journals related to the research, reading some books, and discussing with the professor can be helpful.

I’ll try to write my impression for the lectures I’ve taken in my first semester in separate postings (after the end of the semester will be good, i guess).

Btw, if you want to take the nihongo nouryoku shiken(日本語能力試験)-JLPT(Japanese Language Proficiency Test), the application period is August,1 – Sept, 12. Be prepared!
And starting next year, the JLPT will be held twice in a year. July for Level 2&1, and December for level 4,3,2,1. ( I dunno if this rule is only for Japan or comply in other foreign countries).

Hiyaahh.. have a nice weekend buddies!!
It’s raining whole day long from the morning here.
Really hate rainy season. -_-;

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There’ll always be the first time for everything and people always say first time experience can give you an unforgetable impression. Do you agree? For ex, your first teeth, first entering school, first job, first love, first kiss, first car, first spouse.. oops, ha ha..

As year has changed, the repetition started from my 2nd time experiencing spring, the busy-ness for those administrative stuffs, and today also the 2nd time for the annual check up in the campus. If you ever read and laughed me for the last year frustating medical check up, today I felt frustating, but in different way.

1. Body weight& height measurement
I began to think that even digital machine doesn’t guarantee the accuracy. My height changed to 158.5cm instead of last year’s measurement 156.7cm. And the weight? haha, it’s 54kg.. The last year 52.5kg already frustated me, but now I should accept the reality, because in the winter I put on my weight until 57kg, yay! ~freaky, the heaviest weight in my life time. And the BMI was 21.
Yosh, hope in summer, I can get back the shape to 49/50kg, wanna have sunbathing with bikini in Bali. ha ha..

2. Chest x-ray
Last year, I completely clueless on the instruction to take off the bra(hadagi-肌着), pin the hair, but today, not because I’ve got the experience that made me comprehend the procedure, but I found that my Japanese was improved (a little), ha ha..

3. Blood pressure and the questionaires of medical history
The blood pressure not that changed with the last year. 103-64.

4. Blood test
I was so relax that it took me not that long as last year. 🙂

5. ElectroCardioGraphy
The nurse was shocked seeing me only wear one blouse, asking if it’s not cold.. ha ha.. Yup, I get used to love the 11 degree Celcius, so I responded her with smile.. She replied “It’s because you’re still young, heh.. ha ha..” while checking and telling my result was good.

6. Urinalysis
Last year I got my period (seiri-生理)、fortunately I didn’t have it today during the checkup but have it after the medical check up’s over. fufufu..

So what made me frustating?
It rained heavily this morning, that the train was on delay.. And it then affected my plan to complete the medical check up before the class’s started.
So I was doing everything extremely fast : run fast with heavy stuffs, wrote the application fast, skipped the 3 persons that had come earlier before me, and made all the swift movements from one phase to another phase of the medical check-up.

Yet, I was still late for 20 mins for the class. Entering the class, soon be offered the kanji quiz paper to be completed parallely listening to sensei’s explanation. Yay..
Anyway thanks God for this day : 2 reports’re submitted, kanji quiz and the medical check up were all done. Also thank you for the wonderful one year in Japan!

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A one year period as kenkyuusei(researcher) was finished.
And the master course was starting from this April for the next 2 years..
Yeah, it’s the real mad hectic came to the town.. 😛

This time, I want to point out some interesting things about the academic system here.
A student is deemed to have completed the master course as he/she is required to earn 30 credits at minimum. Initially, students are given the curriculum syllabus of the courses in the summer semester in the graduate school/department but students are eligible/freely to enroll the courses conducted by other graduate school within the university as well.

As for the enrollment of the courses itself, it is an online-system.
It has the information of the courses syllabus, but unfortunately not all of them. So in this point, we should go directly to the graduate school to find out more about the course objectives, syllabus and et cetera..

Sometimes even the objectives and syllabus of the course are written, it’s probably not sufficient enough, thus here comes the interesting points : we’re given chance to attend the class in the first week to have the “trial lesson”. The fixed course enrollment will be closed by system in a week time.
But I heard from senpai(senior), in case in the mid of the course, we give up the class, it won’t affect the grading system like E or fail in the transcript. (Correct me if I have wrong remark here).

As for this semester, I take 13 credits, which grading method is widely differ. Usually the senpai prefer the writing report grading system. As my first time enrollment, I have two courses required to write report and do the presentation. *nervous*
These 13 credits require me to travel to two campuses which really give me quite a long hours spending for the way to go here and there. Yeah, in the morning, I should rush to the station. Even it’s stated 15 minutes walk from dormitory(supposed to be Japanese walking style – read : fast), but I spend 10 minutes.. Then besides doing the norikae(transfer train), after arriving to the destination station, still, I should rush or run to reach the campus which doesn’t mean that I’m relieved – one step away to the class.. as I have to walk quite much inside the campus area to attend the class.. Maybe it’s hardly to imagine, but what I can only say since my staying in new dorm and the start of the master course, my life is full of rushing and running almost all the time. -_-;;

As I spend too much time in travelling, most of the time I want to kill the time reading in the train instead of doing nothing, but I become too exhausted due to the excessive of running all the way. ha ha..

Behind the tight schedule, there’s consideration of pressing myself in the 1st year, and I’ll be more relax in the next remaining 1 year. (Like in Indonesian : bersusah2 dahulu, bersenang2 kemudian).
Anyway, no idea if I made the right way and if it can work well or not.

What I’m doing now in these 2 weeks are trying to comprehend the explanation in Japanese.
To understand the content of the course itself has been a tough work, moreover other extra work to understand the Japanese as the courses are conducted in Japanese is advantageous. So far, I utilize the voice recorder, but still it’s not the real effective way.

Umm, well.. beside those 13 credits, I enroll for the Japanese classes(General Course Level 4, Writing and Reading, in total 4 times in a week) + 2 times as Teaching Assistant..
Hope I can pass this semester smoothly. Yosh ganbarimasu!

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New Task waiting

Otsukaresama desu.
Hari ini jadwal cukup padat, meeting dengan sensei dan collaborative staff dari IT Center. Lalu hari ini diberi tugas dan tanggung jawab baru untuk lead Rinkou (輪講) yang dimulai hari ini.

Rinkou ini populer di Jepang, saya coba menjelaskan dengan bahasa saya(kalau ada yang salah, mohon masukkannya.. :))
Rinkou kurang lebih sistemnya adalah dibentuknya group yang memiliki interest yang sama untuk membaca paper/textbook untuk kemudian didiskusiin lebih mendalam. Member akan diassign misal per chapter, dan kemudian mempresentasikan hasil bacaannya untuk di-share ke member2 lain, yang tentu saja juga bakal me-refer pada source lain untuk mendukung apa yang akan dia presentasikan. Member2 lain bisa memberikan opini juga, ataupun memberikan pertanyaan untuk didiskusikan lebih lanjut. Hal ini cukup efektif untuk mempelajari satu topik, seolah dari siswa, oleh siswa dan untuk siswa.. Sensei mengikuti jalannya rinkou ini.

Dengan tugas baru ini, kurang lebih dah kaya dulu asistensi lagi, harus mempersiapkan bahan bacaan dulu, untuk pilah2 bahan yang harus dibaca oleh member dan assignment apa yang dibutuhkan. Sebagai kouhai-junior, sebenarnya rada ga pe-de, apalagi dengan bahasa Jepang yang masih begitu (again, membernya semuanya nihonjin), tapi kapan lagi ya kalau ga dicoba? Membernya itu Anak M2-Master Yr2, D1-Doctor Yr 1, ada juga sih beberapa undergraduate. Yosh, ganbarimasu..

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