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Picture tells thousand words. Bumped to the old pictures and made me feel like writing.. ^^

I was a naive-teens struggled to pursue my higher study after completing senior high school. I was badly hopping to get into university in Australia. There were days when my friends mostly managed to decide their choices going to Germany, US, Singapore, Malaysia, etc, while I still went from one to the other education exhibitions in town, collecting the pamphlets and calculating the tuition as well as living costs.
It reminds me of the tough time since I got no support from parents of going to Australia. They wanted me to stay in hometown with couple of reasons, particularly in financial issue.
However, I finally managed to convince my strict daddy to go at least to Jakarta. ^^
My cousins were there, and they helped me in the sense of convincing my daddy for the tragic riot case as well as the overview of the expenses. Thanks to them! On the other side, my daddy always wants us to propose and manage our finance. So, even he’s convinced, he still need me to make kind of proposal, finding out the cost that he needs to cover for the bachelor degree. Yes, different families have different way of teaching the kids. As I went to a private school with pretty many well-off families background students, most of my friends had no burden to even think of the money. Some of them were even got decided from parents where to pursue their studies. Frankly I felt how easy and lucky their lives were, they didn’t even need not to think about the cost. But at the time passed by, I’m truly thankful for the process that I went through until what I am now. At the end of the day, my daddy approved my proposal. He sold the car and I got funded for half of the total cost of university in advance. It’s very nostalgic moment, I even kissed the car before it was given to the buyer since the car had given so many memories for my family.

As the only daughter and the first time to be away from parents, my daddy went to Jakarta accompanying me to make sure everything’s settled. We went on ship, operated by P.T. Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Pelni) which took us 3 days 2 nights to reach Jakarta. There’re lot of things I learned during the journey. I made new friends and knowing the fact that we would go to the same university. What an unforgettable experience.



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New year, new nuance, new ornaments in the room..
I presented myself these three cute lucky cat charms from Kyoto.


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You’ve got mail!

From : Surya
“Sis, this is the newest TV Commercial for Mie Sedap, but in the meantime please don’t publish it, since it’s not on air.. It’s just because I’m quite closed to the Production House crews, he sent it to me, haha”

I remembered one day  how excited he told me that this CM’ll be on air in Malaysia and other 2 countries soon .. So I was co curious to watch the clip as I never watched even single of his clips..like  the XL CM with Luna Maya, and the others. When viewing the video, I couldnt stop smiling.. He looked like eating greedily. LOL.. and he’s not that photogenic in the video too!  When I gave my comments to him, he made his defense and proudly telling me, it means he succeeded conveying the message : the noodles he ate’s yummy. He then shared that the other brother of mine when first watched this CM, went to the kitchen and prepared himself a pack of instant noodles. LOL.

By the way, Surya’s first movie entitled “TIME” will be in Blitz Megaplex fr Sept 18, I badly wanna watch his first movie, had requested him to send me the DVD. He’s one of the main actor in the movie together wif Nicky Tirta, and the others. He’s excited and anxious whether ppl’ll watch the movie on the prime day.
Hey, easy going, bro! Yup I do understand that any first time brings a lot of excitements. Just enjoy it!
Hey, so if you’ve a chance to watch, please watch and comment for the movie. ^^

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proudly presenting the poster of Surya Lee’s first movie.. ^^


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There is a good reason they call these ceremonies “commencement exercises.” Graduation is not the end; it’s the beginning. ~Orrin Hatch

Big C – Congratulations for my lil bro, Surya!
Once I wrote the posting about him, but it’s in Indonesian..

Waiting for his graduation, he managed to go to Jakarta, as he’s been offered few jobs after winning the “Oriental Face” for the teenagers Magazine Aneka, but he couldn’t make it as he went to university in Yogyakarta.
So waiting for his graduation ceremony, he went to Jakarta visiting my other brother. Have no idea about the detailed story, but I guess he went to several castings. I still remembered how he’d been nominated for the Suzuki ad casting, then the other nominated guy got the chance, as the producer told my bro that he looked a bit chubby in camera.
The alike barriers happened to him during his stay in Jakarta recently, he shared with me that he reached the lowest point during his hunting. But recently he managed to overcome his feeling, and seems like he get the jobs as adv model more smoothly now. So far, He’s been casted for Coca Cola, Kacang Garuda, Axis.
I know my dad never likes none of his kids going to the entertainment career as my dad used to be a medical student however he didn’t manage to graduate due to the financial problems. He put so much hopes for his kids to go for medical, but none of us fulfill his dream.

Somehow, that’s the day that my parents attended for the graduation ceremony and had some fun travelling for a while. I can feel how my brother-Surya is proud of himself when he afforded buying the two-ways plane tickets from Medan-Jakarta- Yogyakarta for my parents and for my brother as well.
Finally we can manage to graduate without fully financial support from parents.
Wish you luck for your future, whatever steps you wanna go thru, please do it wif passion and you’ll achieve the best out of it.


Axis Starter Pack – I heard that he’s once shouted by the guys in the shopping mall as they know it’s him, the model of the Axis starter pack, LOL.

Have you ever bought the Axis? Curious. LOL.


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Kringgg.. Kringg..
Terkaget2 loncat dari tempat tidur sambil kucek2 mata.. hoammhh.
W : Moshi2.. (walopun masih ngantuk, tapi diusahakan dgn nada semangat)
M : XXXX (nama kecil disebut)..
W : Eh maa, zhao shang hao! Napa tumben telp pagi2?
M : Iya ma kangen, kamu bae2 saja.. Kamu baru bangun?
W : Iya, kecapean ma.. kemaren, malem banget baru tidur, dah gitu jalan seharian pas weekend.. Ngebantuin shooting location buat program NHK utk acara talk show. Kakinya pegal minta ampun..
Ma pa kabar? Lagi mau fitness?
M : Iya, ma mau jogging pagi ama temen.
W : Wah, sekarang rajin jogging ya ma.. Ntar jogging ama papa juga?
M : Ga.. ama temen2 aja.. Ya sudah yg penting kamu bae2 khan ya..
W : Iya ma.. 🙂
M : Ok, ma dah mau berangkat juga..
W : Ok ma, xxxx luv ma.. muah muah..
M : Muah muah..

*W = Willy, M = Mama
Lalu hari berjalan seperti rutinitas biasanya, mandi, sarapan dan berangkat ke kampus. Di YM dan email baca ttg hari Ibu.. Oh mai gat, bener2 lupa ngucapin selamat hari ibu, tanggalan aja dah lupa.. ampun dahhh.. Dulu masih suka excited siapin kado kecil atau message sentimentil buat mama.
Ah, itu yang aku takutkan.. Kadang untuk orang yang kita kasihi malah kita lupakan momen2 penting, hanya karena kesibukan kita sendiri.. hiks..

Di lab, kemudian kirim sms ke mama, krn merasa semakin hari kreatifitas ku sudah menurun, jadi comot pantun dari email aja buat mama..

Dan malamnya, ada bounenkai (acara akhir tahun lab) dengan acara tukaran kado. Kado dah dinomerin di awal, lalu exchangenya bukan kita ngambil random sendiri, melainkan pake algoritma matching apa tuh ama PIC nya, ga tau dhe.. he he.. so misalnya : No 2 untuk No. 5 (jadi ntar org yg mega kado no 5 buka di tempat, dan no 2 kasih penjelasan kado nya apaan). Daku dapet kadonya Katura(Japanese Playing Card).
Kita makan Japanese course, sekitar 35 orang. Harga 180 rb yen, waks.
Tapi tradisi di Jepang, biasanya sensei bayar lebih mahal, abis itu sisanya baru dibagi rata (jadinya student kena 3,500 yen). Hal yang sama juga buat kado, student dikasih minimal harga kado dengan harga sekitar 1000yen, sedangkan sensei 2000 yen.

Pulang, ujan deras banget, angin juga kencang kaya taifu.. payung juga dah meleok kemana2. huhu.. cuacanya aneh, siang panas banget, malem ujan ga karuan gitu. -_-;

Dan tadi pagi, hal yg sama terulang, pagi2 kring kring berbunyi.. ternyata itu mama, dan mama cerita kalau kemaren pas jogging pagi, mama dijambret. oh no!!! suara ku langsung kaget melengking seketika.
“Ma bae2 sajakah? Diapa2in ama tk jambretnya ga? “
Ma cerita kalau mereka cewe berempat saja joggingnya, tiba2 ada cowo yang ngehampiri mereka lalu ngedorong mama, somehow mama bisa jaga keseimbangan dan jatuhnya masih dalam posisi jongkok. Mama merem, sambil megang telinga (krn mama takut anting di telinga itu jadi incaran, dan dipotong telinganya, kok mama masih bisa mikir gitu ya.. ) Dan Ternyata menurut temen2 mama, tuh tukang jambret megang pisau diarahin ke leher mama. Cuman mama ga tau karena mata merem. Yg ma rasakan, tuh jambret bukanya perlahan kalung, ga maen kasar. >.< Di jalanan, becak dan mobil yang lewat juga ga ada yang nolong. Di negara berkembang kaya Indonesia, tingkat kriminalitasnya emang serem krn kesejahteraan yang tidak merata itu. >.<
Untung mama ga papa, padahal menurut mama, itu kalung bukan emas yg kinclong gitu, ya emas putih sih…
Wuahhh, jadi teringat dulu pas kena jambret di bulan puasa juga sama kaya gitu. huhu.. Mama ga berani cerita ke papa, takut malah diomelin. Papa emang galak sih..
Terdengar mama sedih,
M : Ma kumpulin duit, dah terkumpul duitnya baru beli kalung itu..
W : Ya ga papa ma, yang penting mama ga diapa2in..
(Tau rasanya gimana kalau pengen sesuatu, setelah didapatkan dengan susah payah, terus ilang atau ada hal2 buruk.. hummhh..)
M : Kemaren dah makan yie*, artinya dah masuk tahun baru juga. Nah mama memang tidak bagus peruntungannya di musim kerbau ini.. Macam2 rintangan dan bahaya, Kecelakaan mobil lah, apa lah..
W : Ma, jangan terlalu percaya, yg penting kita tetap berbuat baik aja. Percaya pada karma kita sendiri.. Jangan terlalu dipikirin ya..

* Yie : ondel kecil2 warna warni pake sop kaya wedang jahe, tradisi kalau umur dah bertambah

Kira2 gitu deh, di hari ibu, pagi2 instead of daku yang nelp ngucapin selamat hari ibu, mama yang nelp, dan jogging itu membawa trauma buat mama.
However, thanks God, mama’s okay. Please protect my mom and dad while none of their children’re aside them right now..

Dan saya ucapkan selamat hari ibu untuk semua ibu2 di dunia, ini daku share juga pantun yang di msg ke mama (coba tebak berapa sms itu jadinya? ;P)

Isteri yang cakap siapakah akan mendapatkannya? Ia lebih berharga dari pada permata.
Hati suaminya percaya kepadanya, suaminya tidak akan kekurangan keuntungan.

Ia berbuat baik kepada suaminya dan tidak berbuat jahat sepanjang umurnya.
Ia mencari bulu domba dan rami, dan senang bekerja dengan tangannya.

Ia serupa kapal-kapal saudagar, dari jauh ia mendatangkan makanannya.
Ia bangun kalau masih malam, lalu menyediakan makanan untuk seisi rumahnya, dan membagi-bagikan
tugas kepada pelayan-pelayannya perempuan.

Ia membeli sebuah ladang yang diingininya, dan dari hasil tangannya kebun anggur ditanaminya.
Ia mengikat pinggangnya dengan kekuatan, ia menguatkan lengannya.

Ia tahu bahwa pendapatannya menguntungkan, pada malam hari pelitanya tidak padam.
Tangannya ditaruhnya pada jentera, jari-jarinya memegang pemintal.

Ia memberikan tangannya kepada yang tertindas, mengulurkan tangannya kepada yang miskin.
Ia tidak takut kepada salju untuk seisi rumahnya, karena seluruh isi rumahnya berpakaian rangkap.

Ia membuat bagi dirinya permadani, lenan halus dan kain ungu pakaiannya.
Suaminya dikenal di pintu gerbang, kalau ia duduk bersama-sama para tua-tua negeri.

Ia membuat pakaian dari lenan, dan menjualnya, ia menyerahkan ikat pinggang kepada pedagang.
Pakaiannya adalah kekuatan dan kemuliaan, ia tertawa tentang hari depan.

Ia membuka mulutnya dengan hikmat, pengajaran yang lemah lembut ada di lidahnya.
Ia mengawasi segala perbuatan rumah tangganya, makanan kemalasan tidak dimakannya.

Anak-anaknya bangun, dan menyebutnya berbahagia, pula suaminya memuji dia.
Banyak wanita telah berbuat baik, tetapi kau melebihi mereka semua.

Kemolekan adalah bohong dan kecantikan adalah sia-sia.
Berilah kepadanya bagian dari hasil tangannya, biarlah perbuatannya memuji dia di pintu-pintu gerbang.

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It was 2 days ago that I had dream series of my family in Indonesia.
Having like one on another dream came sequentially was tiring, at least that’s what I thought.
Just felt like losing lots of energies, when one dream’s over, and about to take deep breath to sleep soundly.. the continuation series came again..

I was in “International students travel” held by University of Tokyo to Nikkou(日光) and as usual, I communicate with my mom either by phone or sms. At that time, mom’s sending me msg that she felt so lonely, taking care of the family store in Medan while the employee’s absent and Daddy’s sleeping. T_T

It brought me back to the old times when I accompanied my mom, assisting to be a cashier, conducted services to our customers, grabbed the “project” at school for photocopying services.. It was a mini photo studio,stationery and photocopying service store. In my view, it’s no longer considered for the sake of livings to my parents. But it seems too be so precious for them to leave it.. Frankly, it’s for me as well, as that store had brought us up, feeding us up, but I thought that we have to move forward for a better quality of life.

As the older child, I have the view of pleasing my parents as much as I can.. I simply want them to be happy in their retirement age. I urged them repeatedly to move to Jakarta, at least it’s better, because my brother is in Jakarta and the other one is in Jogjakarta.

Back to the topic, after getting her msg, I soon called my mom. We talked and I asked if she’d received the money that will be transferred by my brother. But she didn’t receive it. I was so angry, because I’ve sent my brother msg and even called him to send mom money rightafterwards, it’s been 2 weeks ago.

This talk perhaps leaded me to the series of the dream I had that night.
In the dream, I was a bit uncontrolled angry to my brother for his careless. He’s so unreliable!
He took care of his own things better than family’s matter. I couldn’t remember exactly what I did and talked to him.. but after getting up, I felt my body ached.

I know my brother also had hard times, that’s why I never blamed him. all I do is motivating him and giving a little advise. In the bottom of my heart, I admired him for his risk taker and toughness.
So how could I be so angry with him (in the dream)?

It’s just a dream, I’d better clarify with him and talk in a better way instead of being angry that will not solve the problem.

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Cerita Masa kecil, pe-er dari jeung Yulia, sori baru dikerjain, banyak yg harus dikerjain soalnya *halah ngeles*

Masa kecilku cukup bahagia :
a) Masa bayi, endut, lucu, tembem, lovable sampe semua orang yg ngeliat pasti mau gendong walopun berat, hehe.. Papa soal makanan tidak pelit, makanya anak2nya tembem2 dan keliatan makmur gini.. hihi.. Terus pernah ditawari jadi model bayi, sangkin banyaknya foto2 yg dipajang di toko, terus seringnya ditongkrongin di toko.. tapi papa nolak(conventional thinking @that time)
b) Masa TK+SD, masa tomboy2nya ditunjang banget ama rambutnya yg masi rada botak sampe mama khawatir anak cewenya ini dan tiap hari dipakein lidah buaya.. haha..
Maenannya robot2an, mobil2an, manjat atap, mandi berdua ama ade tapi nyemplung ke bak mandi berasa bath tub emang. haha.. Sangkin kelamaan mandi, nyokap pake kursi tinggi ngintip ke kamar mandi dan terlihatlah anak2 lucu sedang maen air dalam bak mandi. So siap2 keluar2 dikejar pake rotan dhe.. badung ya..
c) Masa SMP+SMA, sudah lebih kecewean, krn kelas 6SD ikutan ballet, tapi papa pengen anak cewenya bisa ilmu bela diri juga sampe dibela2in nyari kelas2 bela diri yg rada halus, tapi ga nemu. Jadinya dimasukkin kelas taekwondo. Yah bayangin aja ya bagaimana belajar taekwondo dan ballet pada saat yg bersamaan. Alhasil tendangan2nya juga rada ballet yg kakinya point2. hahaha.
Masa SMP dan SMA juga masa jaya, krn ranking dan banyak prestasi di luar sekolah (ngumpulin piala : cerdas cermat dlm bhs inggris, reading, ballet; medali : senam, berenang estafet). Bangga dey.. hehe

Eh tapi sebenernya yg diceritain itu point2 yg kaya di tempat lo ya Yul? (ga jelas point2nya), jadi ikutin aja point2 dari blog lo. Here we go..
Dulu nontonnya TVRI ama TV3.
TVRI tuh nonton yg kartun2 Google Five, Gundam(bener ga ya? lupa), acara music (Selecta Pop, Safari) ini acara yang bikin gigit2an punggung ama ade krn berebutan Richie Ricardo utk dijadiin abang. hihihi, film akhir pekan yg konon katanya buat org dewasa (tp krn asisten RT nonton ya ikutan nonton lah.. :P), cerdas cermat, Unyil, Ria Jenaka (bener ga ya namanya? yg ada Petruk,dkk).
Kalau TV3, nontonnya banyakan drama2 yg bahasa cantonese, terus acara favorit itu”Kisah Nyata”. Seringnya juga nyewa video VHS gitu sih..

Minum susu
Wah soal minum susu mah kuat, dulu produksi ASI mama sampe abis, udah gitu digigit lagi p*t*n* mama sampe berdarah, maaf ya ma.. Pasti aku khan membalas semua kebaikanmu, dan membahagiakanmu.. Terus pas dah gedean, minum S26, itu juga banyak banget, sampe dikumpulin kaleng2nya ama papa terus dibuat fotonya. Eh pas iseng nyari foto2 masa kecil, kebawa lo di HD portable.. lucuuu..
Dah gedean SD-SMA minumnya Sustagen HP, terus ama susu sapi perah, tapi dikarenakan tidak suka susu putih akhirnya diakali mama dicampur ama Ovaltine/Milo.

Mmh.. tiap minggu diajakin papa bersepeda di tempat yg sepi, kompleks RS / perumahan, berhubungan ruko kita itu depan jalan raya (DILARANG KERAS ama papa), jadi tiap minggu pagi 3 sepeda dimasukkin ke dalam mobil chevrolet yg panjang pisan itu. Terus setelah sampe, kita sepedaan dhe.. Pernah peralihan dari sepeda roda 2 ke roda 3, sok jago ngebonceng mama, alhasil jatuh gedubrak aku dan mama, terus pernah juga dikejar anjing gede pas di kompleks.. syerem. Pengalaman lain yg tak terlupakan juga : bulan puasa khan sepi, jadi pagi2 jam 5 gitu kita sepedaan dari ruko ke kompleks RS, dan di perjalanan, ditodong, krn pake gelang yg blinking2 kaya berlian padahal palsu. Papa ama 2 ade di depan, kebetulan mama ama aku dibelakang. Kita ga bisa teriak, cuman bengong, terus yg nodong juga sampe bisa buka dengan tidak cara paksa.
Hoalah, kebayang dia pas mau jual ketauan itu palsu, gimana rasanya ya.. hihihi

Tas Sekolah
Tas sekolah yg seingatku jadi favorit itu tas president, ya sudah pernah dibeliin tas president yg bukanya kaya tas koper. No special memory about bags, hehe..

Demennya Donal Bebek, Bobo, biasa belinya dua itu.. tapi lama kelamaan dilarang mama, kata mama ngabisin duit aja, jadinya nyewa, kalau ga nyewa, suka curi2 baja di tempat jualan majalah.
Donal bebek demen karena lucu terus kalo Bobo juga demen bacanya, sampe pas liburan bobo yg sudah dibaca dikumpulin, dicari yg sarat ilmu pengetahuan kaya sejarah valentine, sejarah kelereng sampe adanya perlombaan kelereng. Yg kaya gitu2 itu disobek halamannya dan dibuatin kliping.. kerajinan amat ya..
Terus pas SMP, juga mulai baca novel, dikenali dari guru les yaitu Maharani, cerita ttg seorang seorang wanita bernama Tsu Hzi di dinasti Qing (kalau tidak salah inget) yg ambisius,cerdas dan cantik yg diawali dari hidup sebagai selir sampe mencapai tahta kekuasaan kerajaan dan menjadi pemimpin bertangan besi.

Jajan so so, palingan kue2 di depan sekolahan( ah jadi kangen makan chai thau kue – kue lobak, hiks..), cemilan snack2 gitu, nasi goreng, sate padang( ah juga kangen makan sate padang, hiks..)

Ya duit jajan lumayan gede, dah lupa nominalnya.. seingatku cukup berlebih, apalagi ada metode uang jajanan harian, uang jajanan mingguan dan bulanan. Jadi kerjanya tiap minggu tuh ke Bank doank dhe buat nabung.

Dulu ngefansnya ama sapa ya? Rano Karno kali ya? huahuaua.. Richie Ricardo? hahaha..
Eh tapi pas SMP, demennya ama MLTR, soalnya pas demen MLTR, yg pdkt (akhirnya jadi pacar) minjem buku catatan Biologi, terus pas dibalekin ternyata di halaman belakangnya ditulis lirik lagu MLTR-Nothing to lose yg diubah sedikit liriknya. hehe..
Terus demen ama Maribeth, Backstreet boys, Indecent Obsession, dll dhe.

Dulu demennya maen ke Plaza : Deli Plaza, Perisai Plaza, Thamrin Plaza, demennya nonton, makan2 es krim Fountain,KFC, ya gitu dhe. Terus akhirnya ada Medan Mall, demen banget ke sono krn konon Mall lebih gede dari Plaza. Sekarang mah di Medan dah bejibun mall nya..

Yack! Selesai, skrg yg baca pada ngerjain juga, hehehe..
Ditunggu ceritanya kodomo no koro-nya

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