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.. Finally decided ending the long hibernation f(^^

For the last 2 years, I’d been sending nengyajo – postcard for friends in Japan and outside Japan. I prepared buying, hand writing like somewhere in November, but this year I haven’t even bought single postcard, I am afraid I spent time buying lil presents for friends, baking and attended some company and pre-christmas events.
As it seems like i’m not able to keep my two consecutive years tradition sending the postcard this year, I’d like to wish you my warmest advanced warm Merry Christmas and Happy New Year greeting. Wish you many many more for the upcoming 2011. I know it’ll be exciting for all of us.. 🙂

We had a Terry Fox running,  it’s a Running for Hope volunteer-led event which the raised fund goes to the cancer research. I personally view it’s a run family or friend time for good cause. Not only for health reason, but also for charity. 😉
The participation fee is the donation of at least 3,000 yen with the targeted participants as many as 1,000 people. This is an annual event held by the support of Canadian embassy and Four Season Hotel. And the running itself takes place in Imperial Palace, giving the option of 5km or 10km run. Not all the employees ran. almost half enjoyed good walk, the other half participated the 5km run, and a few completed the 10 km run. Unfortunately I only managed to run a 5km course, stamina’s dropped due to no endurance training since winter.

Terry Fox - Run for Hope

Start line for 10km run

At the end of the run, each participant was given a bag of banana, apple, ham bread sausage, energy drink. They also provided salmon snack and yaki onigiri – grilled rice ball for free.

Energy Drinks & Mineral Water

Yaki Onigiri - Grilled Rice Ball

The interesting parts are also that they gave out the participation certificate with the name of participant on it. And also there’s lucky draw, we’ve got piles of numbers.. And guess what I got? I got 3 coupons and I got 2 prizes out of those three. It’s a cute winter cap and also a Dr Ci LaBo BB Perfect Light Cream which costs like 4,200 yen. Lucky! The first prize is Four Season Hotel stay.

Certificate of Participation

Winter Cap & Dr.Ci:Labo BB Cream

The other company event is the annual year-end event, a Christmas dining which requires us to dress up to the theme decided. This is my first year experience, and the theme was dream job. I’m wondering what I should wear, the simple one which needs no money is to dress up as Balinese dancer as I already have the whole set costume, but it’s winter and I don’t think it’s a good idea to dress up having the full course dining with the summer-like costume. LOL. The other thing that I could think of is ballerina, but I don’t want it to become like an adorable wow beautiful ballerina that I could get compliments during the party. I wanted something different, so kept on browsing the online shops until
stuck on one interesting costume. I requested Arman for help if he could order and send it to Japan since the shops I stumbled that time provided no delivery to Japan. The unfortunate thing is also that it’s so closed to the Halloween when almost all the costumes were sold out. Finally I got one from Amazon UK, it costs me like 2K yen+ but the delivery cost is like 4k yen+, phew! f(^^
And are you ready to see how I looked like in the party? The most embarrasing costume among the ladies.



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The tradition of sending postcard – nengajyou (年賀状)in Japan is quite old, dating back in Heian period. In this digital area, instead of sending the physical greeting cards, most people tend to send sms or mms..
But that’s not the case in Japan.. December is the busy month to clean up the house, and also prepare up to hundred postcards i guess..

The postcards are sold in the convenient store, but most Japanese don’t like to use the mass-design postcards. They design theirs, generally beautify them with the family’s pictures or the panorama shots around their house or the shots they took during their trips that year.

Some of you got the postcards from me.. but I apologize if I missed sending to you.. I did it manually to give personal touch, and it was so hectic that I sent them separatedly, however there’re some errors from my side. Some postcards sent from Shanghai after the conference, and the others were sent from Japan around 5 times delivery.
In the Shanghai airport, I rushed to find the postcards, writing the names but when I was about to send, I found out that I ran out of money! lol.. so eventhough they were already written, they had to come back to Tokyo with me and finally sent by Japanese postage. Did you notice that?
*poke the recipients*, I hope you didn’t. LOL..
And I felt that I missed writing the country name, so it went back to me, and there’re also postcards without my address, I guess. (because Naki didn’t get my postcard last year). So maybe either it ended up in the post office belongs to nobody or it was the mistake in Indonesia postal. haha.. *human error*

By the way, there’s お年玉付郵便葉書 – otoshidama tduke yuubin hagaki (postcard with new year present). So if you see there’s serial numbers on the back side of the postcard..
And there’s kinda lottery for that.. The winners are based on the 6,5, 4, and 2 last numbers..

It goes like this..

For example the 1st prize (the one who got the postcard with the serial number of 975424, and one present can be chosen out of these five :
– Sharp AQUOS Digital Hi-Vision 32 inch LCD TV with built-in Blu-ray Disc recorder
– Overseas or Domestic trip
– Toshiba Netbook + Casio Digital Camera + Canon Inkjet printer
– Canon Digital Video Cam
– Office goods sets
2nd prize nintendo + Wii and so on and so forth..

I’ve checked mine and I didn’t win.. how about yours? ^^
Please checked this site
If yours are one of the mentioned numbers.. You can send it back to Japan, haha.. The gift exchange period was started and will last on July 26.

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In the last one week, instead of listening to music while doing my work, I was so much into the court fighting videos and news of Bibit-Chandra case. I find it like battle in the court for the existence of each institution. 5 billions for bribery, wow! what a number of money,can I make that much money in 10 years from now? 😛
Somehow I’m amazed on how the recording of which those names from KPK (Indonesian Corruption Watch- ICW), Anggodo, Yulianto, Ari and all those related stuffs could be consumed by public..  It shows good improvement from those past years and the direction to change a better Indonesia.. Btw, do you also follow Wiliardi’s startling testimony in the court yesterday? Wondering how those two cases will end.. Let us see..

Well, well.. just wanna list down some achievements in this posting. 😛
(1) Got interviewed by Nihon Terebi asking about the impressive points about Japan. Of course, there’re lotssss but only got 10 seconds to convey the impression.  huhu.. Yeay! At least show up on local TV though for 10 seconds only. ;P.  As the rewards, the crews offered us – other four interviewess and me to choose small present : handkerchief , mobile accessories, etc and I picked up set of mechanical pencil and ballpoint. hihihi


Ballpoint and Mechanical Pencil - Nihon Terebi

(2) Round trip ticket for conference to Shanghai bought finally! It’ll be JAL flight, yeay! More points for the milleage! Hope I can claim free ticket  somewhere as I plan to travel after my defense in next Feb.
(3) Hotel reservation done!
Though I failed the funding from graduate school. Only 3 persons’re selected, I guess they put priority on the PhD students. Gotta funding fr supervisor, though not sure how much will be covered.. Oops, but somehow I still need to apply for VISA!
(4) Going for two job interviews.
(5) A lil skill-up for baking. 😛 who knows I can open bakery in the future? haha..
strawberry dome
choco heart

Shud be proud of those small achievements though people may see them insignificant in different ways. 😛
I will just take those moments of pride to inspire me to keep going for grabbing lot more of successful stories, hopefully! Amen!

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Summer starts in June and lasts until August, this’s the hottest time of the year in which temperature exceed 30°C and been the no no no season for me.

In the last one week, the weather’s totally changed, making big jump from the hot and humid weather to milder ones day by day and even today it rained heavily. As far as I remember, the remaining summer temperature’s remained uptill the early of September last year but not for this year. That’s why a lot of people agreed that Tokyo’s hot and humid summer weather seems not that tough and also shorter as compared to last year.
It’s somehow good since I dun like the humid summer in Japan, but too bad, I havent gone to the beach, wearing bikini. hihihi..

But does it mean the autumn start earlier?? So before the summer ends, here I uploaded what’s on around Odaiba in Summer.
1) The giant life-size Gundam in Shiokaze Park,Odaiba – celebrating 30 years anniversary of first anime series broadcasted(1979).
More precisely 30 years since the original Gundam anime series appeared (1979).
*Btw, give a guess what’s the life-size height of Gundam?*


And the answer for your guess..

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I’ve been neglecting my blog for so longgg.. >.<
“There will be ups and downs, but it is important to remember you’re on your own beautiful journey, and once you’re on it you have to see it through to it’s own conclusion. And try to never be afraid to do anything because what’s the worse that can happen?” (Jonathan R Meyers)

So many things happened, ups and downs but had no archive in the digital diary.. too bad!

Yosh, am trying to refresh my memory and notes on what I’ve gone thru in recent months. If only in the future I just hop back to my archives, reading my posts, I believe those days turn out to be so priceless.. the milestones as a part of Willy’s momental life in Japan..
Let’s begin!


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Related to my previous posting, so it’s the press conference of Japanese fashion designer, Kansai Yamamoto for the Super Show Festival of Life-Gala Bali Show which will be located in GWK, Bali, May 23, 2009 in celebration of 50 Years Indonesian-Japanese Diplomacy.

So that’s the Day when I had to ride the first train due to my make up time was at 6 AM. haha..
Initially, the special guest would be Aya Ueto but due to the tight schedule, there’s change in the last minute. Rei Kikukawa turned out to be the special guest. Somehow, they come from the same production house. She also wore the Bali traditional clothes like four of us, the models.

For other pictures or related news

Q&A Session

press conference
Fr Left : Nana, Rei Kikukawa, Yamamoto Kansai, me, Figi.


After the press conference, tired but it was really fun..

after press conference
Fr left : me, Figi, our make up artist Mba Rima, Nana, Jen.

Note. The design of the costumes were modified a bit, also for the head accessories as you could see with the long leaves..  ^^

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Watched her dorama but never ever crossed my mind even have the chance to meet her in person.. Butt…

Other three friends and I are going to have chance to be in the same stage with Aya Ueto.. yeayyy.. tanoshimi ni.

What shoud I prepare?
1) Camera
2) Ballpoint & paper to ask for the signature..
3) Enough sleep .. UGLY PUFFY DARK CIRCLES EYEBAGS go awayyy.. booo
5) what else?



o(^^o)(o^^)o わくわく

aya ueto

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