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Thank you for the best wishes ^^
The presentation’s finally finished, even though I still haven’t known the result..
I was the first presenter on the 1st day of defense, starting from 9AM.
Four professors for examiner role with 30 minutes time limitation: 18 minutes presentation and 12 minutes Q&A. I made it pretty good, sharp 18 mins for the presentation.

I did have sore throat and influenza symptom in the weekend and now I’m officially catching cold, having runny nose and severe headache. The disturbance during the night had to be one of the reason too. I got phone call when I already got into deep sleep, I guess those guys just wanted to invited me to go down to the courtyard playing snowball fight or making snowboy.. fiuh, just didn’t pick it up, appreciate it, but it’s just not the right timing and ruined my night.-_-;
Then woke up 3 to 4 times during the night worrying about waking up late. In addition, I had nightmare.. I dreamed that I misinterpreted the date, I went to Hongo campus instead of Komaba campus. It takes 1 hour to commute from one to another. Even if I still could rush, I just realized that it’s already 10.30 AM which means I was late 90mins for the presentation. what a dream! *heart attack in the dream* lol..

I don’t know when I’m going to get the result but I got the revision suggestion from one of the examiner. So we submitted 4 copies of our thesis, and only 2 were back to me. 1 set full of revision suggestion, and the other one is completely blank.
Ok, I think at the time being I can relieve to some extent..

*In the morning, most of the trains have the seats fold up due to rush hour until 10 AM*


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I love the first date of the month which falls on the new week (which is Monday). I take it as another way for self-motivation. It simply injects my mind that new month, new week, new energy.. And yes, it’s! In the morning, I got the response of the awaited email which made me quite anxious during weekend. Yes, it’s about the job. Everything seems so closed in front me, like the Hawaian girls welcoming me warmly. There’ll be meeting to discuss the packages on this coming Friday. Yeay!

And yep,yep.. finally the time comes! It’s gonna be tomorrow at 9AM for my defense. I have decided to wake up early but now “early” should be re-defined more and more earlier. Why? Because the first snow fell today on the new week of the new month..

Tata told me it’s good sign, since it’s rarely snowing in Tokyo. Thanks Tata! Amen!! But I’m just worried if the trains stops due to the snow. The railway companies really gonna stop the services, they really take it serious even it’s 1 inch snow.. so hopefully tomorrow’s everything gonna be smooth.. *praying mode*

Ok, I have finished hot oden for my dinner, made the posting and now ready for rehearsal and bit reading of the reference papers.
Then plan to sleep earlier, wake up fresh with no more sneezing.
Wish me luck yah! *wink wink*

*明日だ(It’s tomorrow!)

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Just like in Korea, the temperature here is jumping down quite significant. Judging from the look of the sky, it’s quite dark to start a new week in a new month yesterday.. Ummhh, quite confused whether I should bring umbrella or not since I’ve so many stuffs to be carried.
After checking the weather forecast that it’d be cloudy only..
It’s recently hot in the daytime and then windy at night. So I just covered my neck with pashmina and fur ear cover. (yup, those two spots are sensitive to the chilling cold weather).

But.. the weather’s very tricky.. on the way to my campus, it’s raining, the light one though, and terribly windy. Since i wore no coat, only long sleeve shirt, it’s suffering! So I just left the idea eating in canteen, and had korea nori instant ramen in the lab.

When I was about to leave for home, it was raining too. Oh! Very unfortunate! More than thousands ppl predicted in Yahoo weather that it’d be cloudy and only 58 ppl predicted it would rain though.. Arggh! With less clothing and no umbrella, what a day! Peeping through the room, I took whoever-he-is-who-owns-the umbrella from the umbrella holder. It was 7 degree and kinda lil snowy balls hitting umbrella from Tokyo teleport to the dorm. And…… fiunnnggg..
umbrella’s upside down, huhu.. however I decided to bring it home, like hero holding knight? 😛

I have no idea, how many umbrellas I broke and ended up in the rubbish bin. And need to buy new one to replace the broken umbrella to the lab. hihihi.. And here it is..

broken umbrella

Broken Umbrella

The weather change usually makes ppl getting sick. So I decided to fight the dramatical change of the weather by equipped myself with coat,ear cover and scarf. And consume Tolak Angin at least once a day. LOL

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I thought there’ll be no snow fall downtown Tokyo this year as snow is considered rather rare event and there’s no particular sign of it.
But finally.. the snow has fallen today.. in the end of February..
As Feb gonna end soon, I wanna wrap this Feb’s lesson lessons for the failures I’ve made..
– You can gain the lessons of life from anyone anywhere, no hurt feeling when you got rejected.
– High expectations keep ones improve, but should be mentally ready when they turn out the failures.

Well, I failed the Web Test, as well as the JLPT.
The Web Test was hard, 2 hour and half, kinda IQ Test and EQ Test, all in Japanese, and each question required one minutes solving time.
I’m kinda upset for the JLPT result, as I prepared for it. But however it means I need to study harder, I’ll take it this June.

Ok, just leave it..
Let’s welcomin’ March, the best season about to come,yippie and in the same way, let’s never lose in faith – keep on trying for the fruitful accomplishment.. ^^

As I confuse about the weather which one day the warmth came like spring or summer, the other day it’s terribly windy.
However I attach the sakura blossom, earlier than I predicted and also the video of the snowy rain today which was unpredicted too. ^^
Have a great weekend.

sakura blossom


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Yup, I bet you guys already have right guess on what I’m going to write about. *wink*
It’s the celebration not only for couples but for the entrepreneurs as it’s the perfect business-thriven moment to burst up the sales by exploiting the name of “love”.

Hey, Wil.. Why do you turn out to be against the idea of modern celebration of valentine?
Not really, I might say that I enjoy being in the valentine couples crowds.
Good question, as there’s endless number of chocolate fairs which means so many tempting choco stalls are displaying their wares, attracting customers by giving the testers. So, simply passing by from one to another stall will give you the chance of having various kinds of free trial choco-s, and my target is Godiva, nyum nyum.. 🙂

If you happened to read my last year posting, The Valentine Day custom is different in Japan while the girls give the chocolate to the guys, the opposite will take place on the white day (March 14).
So everywhere, in convenient store, cafe, supa, choco-s are well sold. I was in the queue of a girl who bought 12 boxes of Ferrero Rocher choco.. w-h-a-t -a- n-u-m-b-e-r!
Yeah, coz in Japan, we know what so called giri-choco (the obligation choco you give to the ones who contribute no romantic relationship to you such as your acquaintances, bosses, superiors).
As this year, the valentine falls on Sat, I asked most of my Jap gal friends, they planned to give the choco one day earlier which means yesterday, Friday.

And this year, I just prepared home-made ones, presenting the messy products from newbies kitchen…. marshmallow choco  and hearted choco for lab fellows. And a box of cocktails choco for my sensei.
Messy Choco Marshmallow

Undecorated Heart Choco

Anyway, I just wanna wish you all Happy Valentine Day.
Not necessarily to celebrate it on Valentine as the every single moment you pass with your loved ones are more than precious. 🙂
Let’s spread the love to your surrounding, have thoughts on the other world crying : hunger from the recession fallout, the wars, and so on.

-Tokyo Feb 14 (25degree C in the Winter )-

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I’m really impressed with the ones who have interest in planting or having pets. It all just seems they all have great effort to take care of ’em, which seems impossible to me.
It could never be easier as in my experience when my brother got the Pekingnese hybrid dog, it’s only me who’s afraid of it, The same thing happens for plant, really has no interest at all, until I moved to this dormitory with a balcony incl. I then feel that I need some “ornament”, i mean sort of plants. But hey wait..!
Pigeons here really fond of playing around the balcony. oh my!
The plan was just plan as I didn’t buy the rose that attracted me for hundred times…

Mimi : “You can have this plant.. Plants in the room iz goodd.. They can create such a happiness to you..”
Me : “But I dun think they’ll be good under me as the care-taker, haha..”
Mimi : “That’s okay, they dont need that much watering.. If you later find ’em annoying, you can give to others or throw ’em away.. ”
Me : “Ok then..”
Mimi : “Let me shower ’em 1st before giving ’em to you.. ”
Me : “Alrite.. :)”
Mimi : “These cactus as well.. if u’re interested, as u know they need less care as well..”
Me thought the cactus’re cuteee, so just nodded accepting the cactus..

Those pieces of conversation was about 1.5 months ago when Mimi, a French friend of mine was about to move out. I was the one of the box keeper’s friend. She’s terribly hectic time dealing with her PhD entrance test, travelling to Hiroshima, going back to France while she hadn’t found new apato.
Helping her distributing her stuffs, and my deposit parts’re : violin, bag of Jap tea set and sort of, plus TV.

I really love the mini cute cactus and I put the yellow handcraft duck given by Ci La.. I proudly told my friend who’s turtles, that I also got sth to take care of now.. LOL.. He’s just saying that I’ve to take care of them extra in the winter. Please make sure they survive and show me they’re healthy when I visit you..

Ahh, yup it’s getting colder now, and I noticed my cactus’s not that healthy.. wheww.. I mean thhe colour’s bit change to pale yellow.. dou shi yo kana… I know cactus is pretty hardy and need not much attention, but now I need to be knowledgeable enough to help em survive thru the upcoming winter months.
What I read, they should not be watered for more than once every 4-6 weeks. The watering time also give impact to ’em.. It has sth to do with the warmth degree of the day, preventing icy cold water that’ll shock the root. Additional tips is that putting the styrofoam cups to cover the entire cactus, or maybe decorating ’em with small christmas lights and let the light keep showering them throughout the night.

Anybody has experience on cactus? I want ’em to stay healthy until the next spring, they’re still blooming along with the appearance of sakura.. *wink wink*

The cactus is put somewhere near the study desk.


This is another plant that Mimi gave to me, this is terribly unhealthy now, I guess.. haha..

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I have been so pleased like “a kid given new toys/ fed up with sweets or choco” when I first experienced the yuki/snow. Since then, more snowing days came up next to Tokyo. Up to now, it’s already 4 times snowing, I guess! Starting from the powdery light snow to the large heavy snowflakes.

The largest one was last Sunday, it fluttered the whole day! All that I know it’s really freezing around 1Celcius (recently it’s about 3-5Celcius during the day) and also so slippery!
That day, I found it easily to see so many snowmen in front of the house, especially in the koen/public park. There’re lots of creative snowmen crafted everywhere, and also photographers were around with their complete equipments.

Here come the pictures. (click to enlarge)


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