I love the first date of the month which falls on the new week (which is Monday). I take it as another way for self-motivation. It simply injects my mind that new month, new week, new energy.. And yes, it’s! In the morning, I got the response of the awaited email which made me quite anxious during weekend. Yes, it’s about the job. Everything seems so closed in front me, like the Hawaian girls welcoming me warmly. There’ll be meeting to discuss the packages on this coming Friday. Yeay!

And yep,yep.. finally the time comes! It’s gonna be tomorrow at 9AM for my defense. I have decided to wake up early but now “early” should be re-defined more and more earlier. Why? Because the first snow fell today on the new week of the new month..

Tata told me it’s good sign, since it’s rarely snowing in Tokyo. Thanks Tata! Amen!! But I’m just worried if the trains stops due to the snow. The railway companies really gonna stop the services, they really take it serious even it’s 1 inch snow.. so hopefully tomorrow’s everything gonna be smooth.. *praying mode*

Ok, I have finished hot oden for my dinner, made the posting and now ready for rehearsal and bit reading of the reference papers.
Then plan to sleep earlier, wake up fresh with no more sneezing.
Wish me luck yah! *wink wink*

*明日だ(It’s tomorrow!)


Mixed Blessings

New year, new nuance, new ornaments in the room..
I presented myself these three cute lucky cat charms from Kyoto.

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Small achievements

In the last one week, instead of listening to music while doing my work, I was so much into the court fighting videos and news of Bibit-Chandra case. I find it like battle in the court for the existence of each institution. 5 billions for bribery, wow! what a number of money,can I make that much money in 10 years from now? 😛
Somehow I’m amazed on how the recording of which those names from KPK (Indonesian Corruption Watch- ICW), Anggodo, Yulianto, Ari and all those related stuffs could be consumed by public..  It shows good improvement from those past years and the direction to change a better Indonesia.. Btw, do you also follow Wiliardi’s startling testimony in the court yesterday? Wondering how those two cases will end.. Let us see..

Well, well.. just wanna list down some achievements in this posting. 😛
(1) Got interviewed by Nihon Terebi asking about the impressive points about Japan. Of course, there’re lotssss but only got 10 seconds to convey the impression.  huhu.. Yeay! At least show up on local TV though for 10 seconds only. ;P.  As the rewards, the crews offered us – other four interviewess and me to choose small present : handkerchief , mobile accessories, etc and I picked up set of mechanical pencil and ballpoint. hihihi


Ballpoint and Mechanical Pencil - Nihon Terebi

(2) Round trip ticket for conference to Shanghai bought finally! It’ll be JAL flight, yeay! More points for the milleage! Hope I can claim free ticket  somewhere as I plan to travel after my defense in next Feb.
(3) Hotel reservation done!
Though I failed the funding from graduate school. Only 3 persons’re selected, I guess they put priority on the PhD students. Gotta funding fr supervisor, though not sure how much will be covered.. Oops, but somehow I still need to apply for VISA!
(4) Going for two job interviews.
(5) A lil skill-up for baking. 😛 who knows I can open bakery in the future? haha..
strawberry dome
choco heart

Shud be proud of those small achievements though people may see them insignificant in different ways. 😛
I will just take those moments of pride to inspire me to keep going for grabbing lot more of successful stories, hopefully! Amen!

Just like in Korea, the temperature here is jumping down quite significant. Judging from the look of the sky, it’s quite dark to start a new week in a new month yesterday.. Ummhh, quite confused whether I should bring umbrella or not since I’ve so many stuffs to be carried.
After checking the weather forecast that it’d be cloudy only..
It’s recently hot in the daytime and then windy at night. So I just covered my neck with pashmina and fur ear cover. (yup, those two spots are sensitive to the chilling cold weather).

But.. the weather’s very tricky.. on the way to my campus, it’s raining, the light one though, and terribly windy. Since i wore no coat, only long sleeve shirt, it’s suffering! So I just left the idea eating in canteen, and had korea nori instant ramen in the lab.

When I was about to leave for home, it was raining too. Oh! Very unfortunate! More than thousands ppl predicted in Yahoo weather that it’d be cloudy and only 58 ppl predicted it would rain though.. Arggh! With less clothing and no umbrella, what a day! Peeping through the room, I took whoever-he-is-who-owns-the umbrella from the umbrella holder. It was 7 degree and kinda lil snowy balls hitting umbrella from Tokyo teleport to the dorm. And…… fiunnnggg..
umbrella’s upside down, huhu.. however I decided to bring it home, like hero holding knight? 😛

I have no idea, how many umbrellas I broke and ended up in the rubbish bin. And need to buy new one to replace the broken umbrella to the lab. hihihi.. And here it is..

broken umbrella

Broken Umbrella

The weather change usually makes ppl getting sick. So I decided to fight the dramatical change of the weather by equipped myself with coat,ear cover and scarf. And consume Tolak Angin at least once a day. LOL

Since the Japanese have recently adopted many Western customs (valentine, christmas,etc), many stores’re selling colorful costumes and decorations for Halloween.
For commercial purpose, this event is also promoted in Tokyo Disneyland and USJ (Universal Studio Japan).
Somehow, it’s said that Japanese obon is pretty similar to Halloween. It is a
Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the departed (deceased) spirits of one’s ancestors. This Buddhist custom has evolved into a family reunion holiday during which people return to ancestral family places and visit and clean their ancestors’ graves, and when the spirits of ancestors are supposed to revisit the household altars.
(Quoted from wikipedia)

I got buzzed by my Thai friend, he’s interested in cooking and baking recently. As he succeeded making kabocha manju(pumpkin bun), so he’s kind enough to let me be the tester.. *happy*
And Here’s the pic I took on my way back home last night.
Do you think they’re considerably fancy?



I recalled last year Koko kun visited Tokyo and we went to Roppongi club. Oh, one year passed! Everybody Happy halloween..

“To know a country is to eat the food of the country”
Agree??? 😀

Somehow food reflects the character gives you the insight of taste preference, life style, etc of a country, that’s why food is part of culture learning and for sure it’s fun, isn’t it?

I bet you know Japanese food, starting from sushi, tempura, soba, udon, ramen, sukiyaki to snacks like dorayaki, takoyaki, and so on..
But have you ever tasted Natto? ^^
Well, I believe some of you know and some don’t..

Back in 2007, in the summer camp I got the chance to know what Natto is.. I didn’t have any appetite and unwilling to take it, and somehow the American guy sat beside me, eating it deliciously..
Wanna see how it looks like? Here, we go..

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How to live your life?

It’s no one else but you are the one who are responsible for your life! Neither your family nor your surroundings who rule your life.. It’s you who decide it by your own. Sharing and listening to the given advise will be other thing, but you are the one to choose which path to go..

I somehow hate that recently I’ve been so much multi-tasking, engaged wif different things at the same time and feel like losing my track and my identity, frying brain..*sigh* I still stand my ground on how wrong things have gone so far, the winning story.. the barriers.. the failures which I’m working to fix them.

Agenda till Dec :
– Gotta fully concentrate on the thesis, 頑張れウィリーちゃん!
– Prepare for the progress of the research for lab presentation.
– Prepare for the oral presentation for the accepted paper. Shanghai, till we meet then.. Wish I can extend few days stay to find ancestor’s hut (as suggested by Hadi, haha)
– JLPT 2kyuu, ganbare! 時間が厳しい。。合格ができるかどうか自信がない。。

Stay Focus but keep the life balance is very important..
Then how to make every single day pleasant wipe away the stress for those routines, deadlines?
– Praying, i skipped it since last year, I guess..
– Extracurricular activities, hanging out wif friends..
Self-reward, I’ve been too stingy for myself recently, somehow it’s due to few unrealized resolutions that I wish to happen next year.
– Sports, going to the gym at least twice in a week?
– Start the habit of eating choco again, maybe? 😛
Am very sleepy, cant think more.. Did I write sth out of the line?
Can I ask more which work for you?